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Leave hell behind for a mozzarella paradise

For over 10 years, every day we have been choosing to respect the tradition and environment by combining passion, experience and continuous research in the selection of the ingredients and in the preparation of our pizza. The result is an authentic product, scrupulously monitored at every stage, original and artisanal in its simplicity. At the same time, a perfect interpreter of the contemporary taste and of the desire of the well-being of our time. In our Pizza we use only mother yeast, stoneground flour and high-quality, genuine produce from small local Italian producers. The dough is highly digestible and light, fragrant and soft thanks to the rising process that takes over 24 hours.

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Graziano and Roberta

Owners of Divina Pizza

Selected ingredients

We only use high-quality products

The Flour

For our pizza we use only 100% soft wheat flour , totally made in Italy, coming from sustainable agriculture: stoneground flour, tasty and rich in fibers like the ones used in the past!

The Oil

The oil we use is organic extra virgin olive oil, from the hills of Panzano in Chianti. For some preparations we use made in Italy organic aromatized oils



On high-quality pizza it is necessary to use Italian peeled tomatoes! For some preparations we use confit tomatoes made by us


Pancetta, cooked ham, row ham, Mortadella, Spianata Calabra, all coming from sustainable small-scale farming – a guarantee for the high quality of our produce

Taggiasca Olives

For some preparations we use Taggiasca olives. They are typical of Ponente Ligure, a unique, tasty and delicate produce

Milk products

High quality cheeses – and to name a few…the Fiordilatte Mozzarella which, thanks to the natural fermentation, has a 50% less in lactose compared to the usual Mozzarella cheese

Cantabrian Anchovies

For some of our preparations we use high quality tasty and fleshy Salted Cantabrian Anchovies, processed with traditional and hand techniques

Special prizes and awards

Divina Pizza …in name and in fact …in Italian “Divina” means “devine”


Pizza Craftsmen

About us

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